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Superior Designs LLC

Motivating And Designing Everything


 Blessings we are a small black owned business located in Orlando Fl. We provide superior work in all the services we provide.. Superior Designs LLC was created off a dream I had as a child to design, distribute my own merchandise with a unique twist with my art incorporated,yes I’m the artist who provides all the designs for our garments, art, custom merchandise. You can check me/us out on Instagram @superiord3signsllc. We provide quality, comfortable, unique designs..We print; flyers, business cards, clothing, we paint, we create original drawings and digitize them ourselves..My business was created so I can show the world my work, and share my creativity, my skills, coming from a beautiful island called ST. Thomas. Striving for success, uplifting and motivating each and every person that encounter my products.  My goal is to aim, motivate, & please every single customer. We have a few unique brands like TheSuperiorOne’s, Proud Virgin Islander, T.R.A.P and a few more, can’t give you all. Check us out. I guarantee i will have something you like 

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