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Tangerine contains high levels of Vitamin A in the peel can help with blemishes, acne and minor skin issues. Improves and brightens overall skin tone by increasing collagen production in our skin. Tangerine can protect our body by neutralizing the damaging effects of oxidative stress

Honey 🍯 Deeply Moisturizes and Hydrates the Skin. Honey Diminishes the Signs of Premature Aging. Honey is an Effective Pore Cleanser and Gentle Exfoliator. Honey Lightens Scars and Hyperpigmentation. Honey Fights Acne and Breakouts. Honey Relieves Sunburn.

Grapefruit Preserves youthful skin. ...

Protects skin against sun damage and pollution. ...

Reduces acne and blemishes. Promotes hair growth. Helps treat dandruff. Exfoliates the skin. ...

Keeps the skin hydrated and plump.

Tangerine 🍊 Honey 🍯 Grapefruit

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